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If you have a special project on the mind, we are here for it!  From the very start in the design process, we create something specifically designed with you and for you.

You should know…

High Rez Designs utilizes an array of materials with sustainability and respect at the heart of its purpose. This means that we do not use “exotic wood” or wood that may have been harvested at the detriment of Indigenous Peoples and their homelands. We use domestic trees that are FSC certified Trees such as the California Walnut, Tanoak, Pacific Maple and Madrone and many others. We use lumber salvaged from the urban environment, those trees that may have otherwise ended up in landfill. We harvest trees ourselves when possible to deepen our responsibility and relationship in managing the land. It is important to us that we hold ourselves accountable in maintaining the integrity and connection to the land.

Ordering Process

We intend for our work to last lifetimes, telling a story for generations to come. This means they are built with the highest quality and attention to detail. To get this right, we workout every facet of the project in our design process!